Wat Phnom, Phnom Penh

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Year: 1905


The town takes its name from an artificial ridge (Phnom Penh “Solid mound”) at the summit of which rises a pagoda and a large chedei build of bricks. The ascent is by a staircase bordered with Nagas and Dvârapâlas or temple guardians. The slopes of the ridge have been laid out in gardens.
La Ville tire son nom d’une butte artificielle (Phnom Penh “Montagne pleine”) au sommet de laquelle s’élève une pagode et un chedei en brique. On y monte par un escalier bordé de Nagas et de Dvârapâlas ou gardiens de temples. Les pentes de la butte ont été amenagées en jardins. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Postcard Indochine-Phnom Penh, Cambodge. Le Vat Phnom (Cliché French Aerial Company)
– Postcard 62: Pnom
– Black & White Photo extract from a private album -Mr & Mrs Caillol and Mr & Mrs Cousin at the wat Phnom -circa 1920
– Postcard 194: stair of Wat Phnom (Victor Fievet)
– Postcard 86: In front of Naga bridge, Phnom Penh (Planté Victor – photographer and postcard publisher)
– Postcard 210: Le Pnom, Phnom Penh (Ed. La Pagoda Saigon)
– Postcard 1607: Phnom Penh, the aviary in the garden of Wat Phnom (P.Dieulefils)
– Postcard 49: Walk of the King’s elephants, Phnom Penh (Collection Poujade de Ladevèze)

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