The group of Monuments of Angkor and surroundings

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Original Maps & Photos

Year: 1930


– Postcard 1805: Angkor Thom (P.Dieulefils)
– Postcard 27: Angkor Thom, buddha (A.F Decoly)
– Postcard Indo-Chine. Angkor Les Ruines – Cliché from Compagnie Aérienne Française. The French Airline (CAF) was founded in 1919 by Henri Balleyguier, a former squadron commander during the First World War, having operated in Indochina from 1919 to 1937. Specializing in “aerial work”, Balleyguier adapted military knowledge with civilian applications: aerial photography, cartography, messaging.
– Postcard written in 1902, we can hardly see the photos of the Angkor Wat hallway erased by time
– Postcard sent to France from Angkor
– Postcard 1763: Angkor Wat, buddha’s hand, the exact same length of the fingers represents the perfection
– Postcard Ruines d’Angkor: Banteai-Kdei (Braun & Cie)
– Postcard 21: Banteai Kedei
– Postcard 1765: bonze on pilgrimage in the sanctuary, postcard written in 1907
– Postcard Ruines d’ Angkor – Ta prohm (Nadal)
– Postcard Souvenir des Ruines d’Angkor
– Postcard 108: Street in Siem Reap, 1907
– Postcard “New Siem Reap Hotel”: hotel for tourist by A. Vergoz. The new hotel in Siemreap which has just opened is run by Mr. Vergoz; the price of the
full board is 8 piastres per day for one person and 14 piastres for two people.
– Original Map from the surroundings of Angkor, showing the main temples, the forest, the irrigation channel, rice fields, roads and pagodas

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