The dancers of King Sisowath

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Original postcards and document

Year: 1905

The King of Cambodia maintains a large troupe of dancers at great expense, mark of their power. The choice of dancers among the most beautiful women in the Kingdom is based on the nobility of their attitudes, their flexibility, their grace, the richness of the jewelry with which they adorn themselves, the variety of their costumes covered with precious stones.
Les Rois du Cambodge entretiennent à grands frais une troupe nombreuses de danseuses, marque de leur puissance. Le choix des danseuses parmi les plus belles femmes du Royaume, s’ effectue sur la noblesse de leurs attitudes, leur souplesse, leur grâce, la richesse des bijoux dont elles se parent, la variété de leurs costumes couverts de pierres précieuses.


– The dancers in the royal palace in Phnom Penh (Black & white cliché from the General Government of Indochina) circa 1905
– Postcard 1659 bis: King’s dancer in dance movement (P.Dieulefils)
– Postcard 1685: King dancer (P.Dieulefils)
– Postcard 1660: King dancer Samand and another dancer in Hanuman costume (P.Dieulefils)
– Postcard 1686: Samand, one of the first dancer of King Sisowath (P.Dieulefils)

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