The Angkor temple at the colonial exhibition

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Original Maps & Photos

Year: 1931


Western fascination with the temples of Angkor
Fascination de l’ Occident pour les temples d’ Angkor
Central page of the magazine “L’Illustration” from May 23, 1931 showing the Temple of Angkor at the Exhibition. Drawn by Andre Maire, French painter (1898-1985)
– Red cover of the album “Promenade à travers l’Exposition Coloniale Internationale” sold during the Exhibition in Paris in 1931, including 24 postcards
– Postcard sent to Mr & Mrs Hubert from the exhibition in 1931
– Postcard 114: Cambodian dancer performing a dance in front of the water pagoda during the colonial exhibition in Marseille in 1922 (L. Crespin)
– Small map of the Colonial Exhibition, Paris 1931 offered by “La Belle Jardinière”
– 3 postcards from the album “Promenade à travers l’Exposition Coloniale Internationale”
– Postcard Marseille, IndochinaPavilion, Colonial exhibition 1922
– Page from the magazine “L’ Illustration” 1931- Mr. Marius Blanchet, president of the technical committee of the colonial exhibition

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