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Year: 1908


These first administrative buildings are dated from the French protectorate from 1890 to 1918. Most of them doesn’t exist anymore.
Ces premiers bâtiments administratifs datent du protectorat français de 1890 à 1918. La plupart d’entre eux n’existent plus. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
– Postcard 1500 bis: The Treasury in 1930, Phnom Penh. (P.Dieulefils), still the General Department of National Treasury
– Postcard 1691 bis: The Residence-Superieure building in 1900, Phnom Penh (P.Dieulefils), nowadays the CDC office.
– Postcard 603: The Public Works building in Phnom Penh (P.Dieulefils)
– Postcard 20: The Post Office in Phnom Penh in 1910, Phnom Penh (P.Dieulefils), still the post office.
– Postcard 1604: The French law courts in 1905, Phnom Penh (P.Dieulefils)
– Postcard 1602 bis: The Residence-Superieure office in 1930, Phnom Penh (P.Dieulefils).
– Postcard 1603 bis: The Town Hall Residence in 1908, Phnom Penh (P.Dieulefils), nowadays the building still exists and belong to a private company
– Postcard 1602: The Customs and Excise building in 1908, Phnom Penh (P.Dieulefils).

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