Khmer Women

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Original postcards and document

Year: 1910

Cambodian women are flirtatious and adorn themselves with shimmering fabrics. Their hair is cut into a brush on the day of her fifteenth year during a ritual ceremony presided over by a monk. The costume consists of pants held by a belt and a light scarf is thrown gracefully over the breasts. Les femmes cambodgiennes sont coquettes et se parent de tissus chatoyants. Leurs cheveux sont coupés en brosse le jour de sa quinzième année lors d’une cérémonie rituelle présidée par un moine. Le costume se compose d’un pantalon retenu par une ceinture et d’un foulard léger jeté gracieusement sur les seins.


Young girl, Phnom Penh – early 20th century (P.Dieulefils)
– Postcard 1764: Cambodian women on pilgrimage in the sanctuary at Angkor Wat (P.Dieulefils)
– Postcard 1672: Cambodian women bust, Phnom Penh Cambodia (P.Dieulefils)
– Postcard 1670: Type of woman in interior suit, Cambodia – early 20th century (P.Dieulefils)
– Postcard 1648: Young women, Phnom Penh Cambodia – early 20th century (P.Dieulefils)
– Postcard 1671: Young mother with her child, Phnom Penh Cambodia – early 20th century (P.Dieulefils)

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