Ethnic Groups

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Original postcards and reproduction of Map

Year: 1920

Cambodia’s population is made up of diverse ethnies. We meet Malays, Annamese, Chinese there. The union of these races with the population produced mixed race people in large numbers, making the Khmer population rich in ethnic diversity. La population du Cambodge est composée de races diverses. On y rencontre des Malais, des Annamites, des Chinois. L’union de ces races avec la population a produit des métis en grand nombre, rendant la population khmère riche en diversité ethnique


– Postcard 115: group of Malays s ettled in Cambodia (P.Dieulefils)
– Postcard 66: Rich annamite lady (P.Dieulefils)
– Postcard 1686: Chinese agricultor from Kompong Cham (P.Dieulefils)
– Postcard 19: Indians and Chinese compradors in Phnom Penh (1904)
– Postcard “Miscellaneous types of Indochinese – issued from the Mission Etrangeres de Paris –
– Postcard 355: Malay type of girl, edited by Francis Alexandre Decoly postcard editor, installed in Saigon. Some postcards bearing the symbol of a pagoda tower show the origins of the Decoly house, which then became “Editions La Pagode Saigon” 1920/1924
– Postcard 1817: Women at Lao border (P.Dieulefils)
– Postcard 1671: Cambodian women type– Phnom Penh, Cambodia (P.Dieulefils)
– Postcard 1674: Cambodian man type– Phnom Penh, Cambodia (P.Dieulefils)
– Reproduction : “Carte Ethnolinguistique” from the Atlas de l’ Indochine” , Map n°18 edited in 1928

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